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What type of filling?

We offer the old type of fillings but appreciate filling teeth with grey
makes little sense when everyone wants white teeth. So, we offer a far
more appealing alternative: long lasting, white fillings that are much
more aesthetically pleasing than the old style amalgam fillings.

White or Composite fillings

White composite resin is a little more expensive than silver amalgam but
the benefit of retaining the appearance of your natural teeth is well
worth it. We only use high-quality composites known for their exceptional
performance and durability that look exactly like your natural

Silver amalgam has long been an important material in dental care,
but the technique for its use means healthy tooth tissue often has to be
removed along with the decay. The technique with white filling material is
quite different, so we remove only decaying tissue. We prefer this
minimally invasive technique.

How long will my white fillings last?

New materials are used to make white fillings as durable and long-lasting as
the amalgam version. The length of time white fillings last depends on where
they’re placed in your mouth and how your teeth come together when you bite.

Replacing silver fillings

Many of our patients with old silver fillings have them replaced with white
composite, for cosmetic reasons or because they’re concerned about the mercury
content in amalgam. This must be approached with caution and we’ll discuss it
fully with you, but if you want to have your silver fillings replaced we can
bring back your natural look. Ultimately we’re guided by the British Dental
Association, which states that dental amalgam is a safe filling material.

Inlays and Onlays for larger cavities

White fillings are best for small to medium sized cavities. For large cavities
you may consider inlays or onlays. See our Inlays and Onlays page for more

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